Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, OR

Smith Rock State Park is about 142 miles southeast of Portland. There are more than 10 plus trails, arranging from easy to difficult. You will appreciate seeing all kinds of nature-loving enthusiasts from hikers to rock climbers enjoying this beautiful, hidden gem.

Misery Ridge Trail– This is one of the most difficult hikes here at Smith Rock. From the bridge to the summit, it is about 0.7 miles straight up. Adam and I decided to take on this challenge knowing that we weren’t in peak physical condition but we mounted the summit.

When you get to the top of the trail, you can get a glimpse of the Three Sisters (volcanic peaks) and other stunning mountains. At the top, we found an area that was somewhat private, away from the crowds where we got to enjoy our brunch. McGriddles. Very different from what people usually bring on a hike but it was great and we laughed about it.

Stunning view of the Three Sisters

Most importantly, can’t forget about the famous pillar, Monkey Face. The iconic Monkey Face is a must visit destination for any rock climber. The tower has many routes that get to the top which range in difficulties. This pillar is 350 feet tall and when viewed from the South, the top of the pillar resembles the face of a monkey.

Share what you think this pillar looks like when viewed from the top just like this picture.

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